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LOMAM Group, Inc. an investment and business development company, engages in industries through consolidated subsidiaries, associated companies, joint-ventures and other interests.

Headquartered in the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, the company owns and operates tradings and investments in agencies that operate across the Americas and the Caribbean region.

Company infrastructure includes industrial and energy management, financial services, real

estate, hospitality and tourism, philanthropy and charities, media, marketing and branding, entertainment, security, aviation, supply chain management and logistics, technology, consulting, business infrastructure and asset management.

As an innovative and next generation company, LOMAM Group, Inc. is dedicated to facilitating global investment interest. Identifying the needs and interests of its targeted markets supports in the development of products and services specifically designed to meet those needs and interests now, and well into the future.

LOMAM Group, Inc. is the owner and lead developer of a new planned unit development located in the City of Georgetown. A project slated to begin in 2020 and when complete, will be the tallest building in the Caribbean.

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